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HALauncher is a very easy to use application that you can use to launch up to 100 of your
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13 August 2013

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Traveling across the computer system and moving from folder to folder in order to open an application is what we usually do since the time we got our PCs or started using them. Now if you wish to be a cool guy and show off your friends a few tricks by launching application with clicks of your keyboard then you need HALauncher 1.0.0. This launching application works terrifically and can enable you to reduce your time in searching out the application time to time and also make you entire job pleasing. Importantly when your task demands closing and launching in quick interval of time then instead of holding your mouse and keep on clicking, you can manage the entire thing just by pressing of keys of your keyboards.

Now if you are in a dilemma that working out the short cut keys or Hot keys and setting them would be tough via this tool will be a troublesome job, then we are sorry you are thinking in wrong direction. HALauncher 1.0.0 has got a very simple and intuitive GUI that makes the work of setting the Hot keys against each of the applications is simple and easy. With this tool you can launch as many as one hundred of your favourite application just by pressing the keys of you key board. When you will view the apps you can see the option for the HOT KEYS on the left and APPS on the right. Just set the keys on the tool and save them. Hence just by clicking on the HOT KEYS you are able to access the application effectively.

HALauncher 1.0.0 is absolutely free to solution and can enable you to launch as many applications you want and with pure ease. For giving such a great platform for launching all the application in a simple way and that too for free aids us in rating it with a score of three rating points.

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HALauncher is a very easy to use application that you can use to launch up to 100 of your favorites windows applications using hotkey on your keyboard. just assign the hotkey you want to use to any application in your windows os. This is a fast way to launch your application, no more looking around to launch your DVD burner or your Media player or any other application. HALauncher is so easy to use that everyone in the family or in the office can use it. Each user will have their own list of applications to launch.
Version 1.0
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